Hunting the magnificent Bison (Buffalo) is unequaled in excitement and adventure.   Bison (Buffalo) hunting is a demanding and extreme hunt.   It is a physical hunt (some have called it the toughest hunt they have done) but the rewards are worth it. At Shadow Creek Outfitters we offer one-on-one guided Bison (Buffalo) Hunts with your Outfitter, Henry Giles.

One of the few places you can hunt wild, free-ranging Bison (Buffalo) is in Alberta, Canada.  Most of these iconic creatures live within the unfenced boundaries of Wood Buffalo National Park, right beside WMU 540 where Shadow Creek Outfitters operate. They require no special tags and may be hunted.  This is an excellent fair chase hunt: hunter versus prey.

We hunt in March when temperatures range from -30 F to 40 F. With the sun rising at about 7:30 am (0730) and setting at about 6:00 pm (1800), you will log a lot of hours on a snowmobile (provided by Shadow Creek Outfitters).  Distances of 10 to as many as 60 miles may be travelled per day on the snowmobiles.  Bison usually appear when you least expect them, so being alert is a must.

A Bison (Buffalo) has a shaggy, long, dark brown winter coat, and a lighter brown summer coat which is also lighter weight. Bison can reach up to 2 meters (6.6 ft) tall at their powerful shoulders, 3 meters (10 ft) long, and weigh 400 kilograms (882 lb) to 1,000 kilograms (2,205 lb). As is typical in other ungulates, the male bison is slightly larger. The biggest specimens on record have weighed as much as 1,133 kilograms (2,500 lb). The heads and forequarters are massive, and both sexes have short, curved horns, which they use in fighting for status within the herd and for defense. Bison have limited vision and this makes them more defensive and willing to charge to protect themselves and their herds.
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Bison Hunt
10 Day Hunt
2014 Schedule - Bison Hunt

2014 Terms and Conditions for Booking a Hunt

Rates Include
  • Services of a qualified Guide(s)
  • Meals and lodging during contract days
  • Transportation to and from the hunting sites daily
  • Trophy preparation and the use of all camp equipment (ATVs, etc)

Rates DO NOT Include
  • Airfare
  • An Wolf / Coyote Licence Fee
  • Transportation to and from airport in Edmonton (YEG) to camp
  • Shipping of trophies or meat (including cutting/wrapping)
  • Alcoholic or soft drink beverages
  • Hotel rooms before or after the hunt
  • Taxidermy (we can provide you with some excellent Alberta-based taxidermist referrals)
  • Gratuities for the Guide(s) or Cook

2014 Rates - Bison Hunt

Ten (10) Days of Hunting
$6,500 (USD) / Per Person
All Non-Hunters
$200 (USD) Per Person / Per Day
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  • All funds in US Dollars (USD) unless otherwise noted
  • 25% deposit to hold the booking
  • Paid in full 60 days prior to hunt date (balance must be paid by cash or Guaranteed Funds)
  • Deposits are bonded and insured by the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society (APOS)
  • If a hunter must cancel his/her hunt, the deposit will not be refunded (it may be assigned to another hunter in the current year)
  • Deposits will be refunded in full, if for some reason Shadow Creek Outfitters must cancel a hunt
  • Contracts will be issued upon receipt of deposit
  • All deposits and Guaranteed Funds are payable to your Outfitter, Henry Giles